Partners Wanted

We are seeking industry, academic and scientific partners to participate in field studies designed to quantify and validate the findings of our next-generation scientific discoveries.

Veterinary Conservation University/Academic Fish Farming Product Licensing Hatcheries Angling/Bait Public Aquariums

Medicinal Feed

We are looking for partners in veterinary science who actively work with distressed fish. Often the only method for administering medicine to fish is through food, and where sick fish will not feed -- our science can prove to be a lifesaving discovery. Partners in veterinary science, including managers of aquariums, zoos, animal rehab specialists and conservation managers are needed to validate our findings that an involuntary feeding response can be triggered with severely sick or distressed fish.

Public Aquariums

One of the most important ways to educate society on the vital importance of marine conservation and sustainability is through public aquariums. Our discoveries can play a critical role in helping aquarium managers feed-train, rehabilitate and sustain the long-term health of many fragile and exotic species. In addition to supporting permanent collections, our science can also be used by emergency response teams that are dispatched to save the lives of endangered and injured marine animals. We are seeking opportunities to work with aquarium teams to promote the healthy rehabilitation and long term care of the fish in these collections.

Larval/Fry Feed Training

We are working towards a significant breakthrough in the area of teaching larval and fry fish stocks to take-to commercial feed significantly faster than existing methods produce. We are seeking both academic and industry partners to help us scientifically quantify a product that is designed to encourage early life-stage fish to rapidly adapt to commercial feed products. Partners in fish hatcheries, university research facilities and other institutional research partners are encouraged to connect to participate in primary trials.

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Asian Carp

We are actively seeking conservation and natural resources managers to participate in field trials which will quantify the effectiveness of a next-generation fish attractant. This project is connected to an ongoing project which is testing the viability of using our proprietary discovery to convert asian carp (big-head, black, and silver carp) from an 'uncatchable species' into a thrilling sport-fishing reality.

Warm/Cold Water Fish Feeding

A significant challenge exists for fish rearing in extreme-weather climates. Both cold-weather and peak-summer-heat conditions routinely cause fish to cease eating or significantly reduce caloric consumption, which slows the growth of the animal. AminoTec is seeking fish husbandry (i.e., fish farming) partners to test a pair of revolutionary products that keep fish eating right through the extreme weather seasonal changes, which means that they continue to grow..., reaching market size earlier. Please contact our research department to participate in early field-test studies of our cold-water and warm-water feed discoveries.

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Broodstock Feeding

The health of the entire season of fish often rests on the health of the broodstock hatchery fish. In order to sustainably maintain broodstock fish at a maximal strength, weight and optimal breeding condition, a specialized rich nutritious feed is essential. The connection of our irrestable specialized feed additive with exact nutritional profiles needed for a variety of commercial fish helps ensure a great start to for a year-round breeding season.

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Commercial Fish Farming

Imagine adding a couple of grams of extra flesh on every fish sent to market. Fish farmers have learned (the hard way) that simply throwing more food at fish does not mean they will eat more, and get bigger faster. We are pioneering a breakthrough discovery which may quickly and permanently displace tried-and-true fish-farm feeding practices. We are seeking fish farmers (of every type) to conduct field trials with a non-GMO, non-hormonal, non-medicinal feed additive that shows tremendous promise for smashing the existing records for maximum food-consumption to fish-growth barriers. Partners in all styles of fish-farming (mariculture, open-water ranching, RAS & clean-water, ponds (earthen/concrete), raceway systems) regardless of fresh-water, brackish and salt-water types are needed for stock growth-to-consumption measurement studies.

Product Licensing Partners

AminoTec is a research and development group that produces products derived from proprietary research. Our scientific discoveries have been used in a variety of products and we are actively developing formulas that cater to a wide variety of global and niche aquatic markets. We are actively seeking manufacturing and distribution partnerships for our products designed for the aquaculture, angling, conservation and marine agricultural industries.

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